Fundamentally it means that the cacao that we use to produce our pure chocolate originates from a ‘Single Geographical Area’ and has not been mixed with cacao from any other region to maintain the lush and unique flavor.

We do not add any artificial additives or preservatives to our chocolate. Our handcrafted pure chocolates are processed at a lower temperature (approximately 40 degrees Celsius) so that the goodness of chocolate is retained. They do not contain any harmful chocolate compounds or vegetable fats.

Our handcrafted pure dark roches are vegan as well as gluten-free, while our handcrafted pure smooth roches are gluten-free.

We employ traditional Belgian methods that encompass the finest ingredients i.e. single-origin cacao, Californian almonds, premium cashews to produce gluten-free chocolate in its purest form, free of vegetable fats.

Our Classic Roche Box (approx. 275 gm.) has 24 to 28 delights of handcrafted pure chocolate roche. These are created for moments of pure celebration and special occasions; while our Mini Roche Box (approx. 75 gm.) has 8 handcrafted pure roches, perfect for self-indulgence and to celebrate the little things in life.
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